Never Too Late To Start

I did not really care about protecting the environment until recently. I never understood why people were so passionate about protecting the environment. However, that changed after I watched a documentary that detailed all of the bad things that humans are doing to the Earth. I felt guilty because I knew that I was a part of the problem. I am now committed to being a part of the solution not the problem.

When I see trash on the ground, I always pick it up. I spend at least two hours per week picking up trash that others have carelessly thrown on the ground. I have also purchased a water filter media for my home because I believe it is very important to have clean water. Additionally, I recycle on a regular basis. I believe that recycling is one of the simplest ways to protect the environment.

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My New Job

I was out looking a job one day when I knew that the job I was working was coming to an end. To elaborate more form you, I basically over heard my boss and the vice president of the company talking about down sizing the company. I knew that I would be one of the first to go along with many others. I didn’t want to tell others because the information I heard I wasn’t supposed to hear. Besides telling others would have only cause more tension and problems at work until the lay off actually occurred. I started applying for new jobs immediately and it didn’t make a darn where I put in an application. I knew I had bills and didn’t want to be unemployed. I end up walking into a wonderful facility that happened to be taking applications for brand ambassadors London.

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Fun Night Out

Because my husband and I both have demanding careers that require us to work all of the time, we do not get to go out often. However, my husband and I finally had the opportunity to have a fun night out. We ate dinner at a very nice restaurant. The hostesses London and waitress were wonderful. They really made us feel like we were right at home.

After dinner, we went dancing. My husband and I went dancing all of the time when we were courting. That was why we were so happy to finally have the opportunity to dance all night. We were exhausted, but happy when we got home. We cannot wait to have another night like the one we had a few days ago. It is important for couples to spend time together.

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A Beautiful Day

I recently put on a picnic for all of my current and past customers. I wanted everyone to have the chance to relax and spend time together. I wanted to put on the kind of event that would be perfect and that would make everyone happy. The event staff London that I choose for that picnic really did all that they were meant to do. The whole day turned out perfectly. The weather was amazing, the food was great. The day was perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I couldn’t have asked for better help for that day. I know that all of my customers who showed up for the picnic were happy with the way that things went and that they were pleased with the way that they were treated. Because things went so beautifully, I am looking forward to hosting a similar event again soon.

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Minnesota Wild Life

The other day when I was driving to pick up my Dad at his job in the silica sand mine I saw a dog like animal with a long bushy tail. I told my Dad about it, and at first he didn’t believe me. I insisted, and he conceded that it might have been a fox or a coyote. I think it was a mountain lion or a wolf.

I don’t have a large amount of knowledge about Minnesota wild life, but I do remember Laura Ingalls and her family dealing with a lot of it in Little House. I looked up wolf sightings in Minnesota when I got home, and it turns out they are increasing. There have even been fourteen mountain lion sightings in Minnesota over the last four years. Maybe my Dad was right and I only saw a coyote or a fox, but I’m not convinced.

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Watching Him Perform

I was at a concert the other day and there was this one man who was performing who caught my eye. This man seemed so into the music that he didn’t even appear to know that he was on stage. This man was so into what he was doing that he was not paying attention to the crowd or to anything else. This man was a saxophonist Manchester, and I loved watching him perform. He put his all into what he was doing and he never allowed anything to take his attention away from the job that was before him. I want to have that kind of concentration when it comes to my life and some of the things that I have to do. I want to have that kind of attention to detail when it comes to my job and all that is required of me.

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California Autumn

When my sister moved to Santa Cruz from the Midwest, we all teased her about it. We joked she would become a hippie chick and end up living in a commune and date nothing but surfer dudes.

So when I visited her and she picked me up wearing a flowing paisley dress and sandals, even though it was already October, I couldn’t helo but laugh. He apartment, with its colorful paper lanters and view of the tattoo parlor across the street, didn’t help.

But after my first day exploring the town I could definitely see the attraction. We wandered the boardwalk, took a scenic bicycle ride along the coast, and pampered ourselves with a pedicure and thai massage Manchester. I tought about the predicted snowfall I would be returning to in a few short days, and I had to admit that becoming a hippie might not be so bad after all!

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I hit such a bad shot

I do not play golf that much which is the problem. When I was young and single and started playing golf 15 years ago, I had the time to take lessons, practice, and get good at it. Now being married with children, I only get to play once a year at my Kiwanins club’s funraiser. Without training or repetitive play, I remember how bad I suck at golf now. It seemed like I was in a silica flour sand bunker every other hole. I lack the training, the equipment or the patience to get the damn ball out of the trap. One on hole, I went from one trap to another since I hit such a bad shot. Before next year’s tournament, I am going to practice before I play, especially around the green. This is why I hate golf. It is not something to play once a year.

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